Nature has always fascinated and captivated me, so it was only natural that I decided to further this interest and explore the organic world in my photographs.  My passion for photography started back in primary school, when my parents bought me my first camera - an East German Praktica - and I promptly began documenting the local birdlife around my town in Southwest Poland.  My love of nature and the outdoors has always been a significant part of my life, and in fact guided my choice of topics in high school (biology and chemistry), leading to graduate and post-graduate studies in geology. There has been a long hiatus in my devotion to my passion for wildlife photography, however, owning a camera and enjoying photography proved to be a great way to capture precious family moments and document our various travels around the world.  Nowadays, I spend every free moment on planning wildlife or nature photography trips, perfecting my photography skills and preparing myself for the next chapter in my life, where I will devote the majority of my time documenting the marvels of nature and wildlife, while also focusing on conservation and sustainable photo tourism.

Poland, with its great landscape and fantastic wildlife, is my home, and is still quite photographically unexplored country that can offer a lot of rewarding experience for any nature photographer. It is where I have my house and where I plan to settle in the nearest future.  In the meantime, my fascination with Africa is growing with every trip; while in the last few years I have also spent time discovering the beautiful nature of Canada and Brazil.  Everywhere that I can spend days with my camera and away from the crowds of ‘popular’ destinations is something that I cherish above all and I endeavour to keep discovering.

In my early days, I have tried to ‘collect’ species in my photographs rather than concentrating on one subject.  This has substantially developed with my photographic maturity, where I focus more on the in-depth observation and study of animal behaviors; sometimes spending hours waiting for animals to approach me rather than ‘chasing’ photographic opportunity.  Such an approach allows me to experience a glimpse of the intimate bond that often develops in nature - the harmony and respect between species.  I am especially fascinated by the ‘eye contact’ and one will notice that many of my photographs have that specific aspect of connection emphasized.

For the time being I spend limited time on my photography whilst still working full-time in the service industry, but my expat life allowed me to discover many fascinating parts of the world, live and learn different cultures and enrich my appreciation of various views and diversity.  I did not focus on displaying my photos until recently, but some of my work has already been recognized in the 2016 and 2017 Audubon Society Photography contests, made to the second round of the 2017 Nature’s Best Photography contest, and have been used in many book publications across Europe. I am also preparing my own photo adventures where I will share my passion and knowledge with whoever decides to join me.  I will start a regular blog from my adventures and share my thoughts on photographic gear I use

The Story of my Gear

My Nikon days started with the F2002 back in 1998 and ended with the F100, with respect to film photos, before I went digital. I have to say that rather than chasing the latest camera releases I like to slowly grow into advanced features of top models. Until a year ago, I carried around a lot of heavy, prime ‘glass’ with the 2.8 aperture, but these days, with releases of super sharp and fast f4 lenses I decided to ‘lose some weight’, and increase my flexibility when travelling and in the field.


  • Nikon D500
  • Nikon D810
  • Nikon D5

If you have any questions related to my techniques, preparation, views on performance of various equipment or just want to chat about photography please get in touch, email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also follow me on all popular media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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